Main Service Overviews

Security enabled services

The chief objective of information security management is to implement the appropriate measurements in order to eliminate or minimize the impact that various security related threats and vulnerabilities might have on an organization. In doing so, information security management will enable implementing the desirable qualitative characteristics of the services offered by the organization.

Application development and maintenance

In today’s business environment, application failure or unexpected downtime can frustrate end users and devastate your bottom line. As budgets shrink and application environments grow more complex, it pays to have an experienced IT partner.

SharePoint Portal Development and Consulting

We offer wide range of portal development services with latest technology that assure best quality in design, development, testing and deployment of web portal. We deliver innovative turnkey portal solutions for our clients professionally, latest techniques and on budget.

IT Outsourcing

IT outsourcing is the use of external service providers to effectively deliver IT-enabled business process, application service and infrastructure solutions for business outcomes. We have our own IT team to check and audit on the all kind of error, issues and rectify the problems

Product development and support

Product development is the process of designing, creating and marketing new products or services to benefit customers. Our Product development is focused on developing systematic methods for guiding all the processes involved in getting a new product to market. It involves:

Software development and maintenance

Our experienced engineers will ignite their imaginations and draw on their problem-solving creativity to deliver custom software development initiatives that power and support sustainable business solutions. Also are available to provide the excellence of maintenance like a new customer till.

Our service structure

Small and medium size enterprise today needs cost effective IT solutions as business enablers in part or in full in their business process. Datawens as IT service provider can deliver IT product for specific business in no time with scalability in future at very low cost enabling the organization to roll out fast and scale up as needed giving them efficiency and flexibility at the same time . By doing so the organization will save on entry cost and increase in return on investment. Being IT service provider and the product developer at the same time will get better domain advice , save time and money in the process of scaling up and quick and efficient switch over of technology .

Additional Services


Datawens's broad range of IT Outsourcing (ITO) solutions makes your business more agile and innovative by reducing operating costs and risks while improving efficiencies. We assume the day-to-day tasks of your operations and delivery, with a strong focus on rigorous IT governance, quality and operational excellence, so you can focus on your core business.